The Journey Begins

Glittering images. The words were constantly interrupting my thoughts. What is it that God was trying to tell me? I knew it was a t the core of this book I was writing, the deep visceral understanding I had of identity that was surfacing.

Glittering Images.

One early morning I realized that my life had too often been a pursuit of glittering images rather than my true identity. Glittering images is the direct antithesis to true identity. There was a war all of my life to uncover the true Angela buried under the glittering images of expectations and performance. What is pleasing to man is rarely pleasing to God. He had conceived of me back when he created woman, with that same pronouncement of “This is good.” Angela was conceived in God’s heart and planned for this time on earth. He saw something in me that glittered like gold, that was my shine, and He was determined to release the fullness of Me into the world He had planned for me. Through the parents and family He chose for me; through the family I would have; through the friends and loved ones that would enter my path. He knew I would get buried under glittering images that would try to cover and kill the true image I was created to be – the reflection of Christ. We are meant to look in the mirror each day and see Christ. Each of us carries a part of the heart of Jesus, a piece of the whole, and that piece is ours to carry into eternity. Unfortunately, we often prefer someone else’s piece to our own, their glittering image to our own destiny and we fall prey to being an appearance of the real thing.

No more, I cried that morning. I am finished. No matter what I will allow the true identity of who you saw that moment of creation when you said, “Let there be Angela,” and you looked at me and said, “This is good.” I shed the glittering image I was wearing and knew that the answer was to be who I am at this moment in time. I rest int he truth that I am far from perfected, and I have a limited lens. I will seek daily to receive your lens, God, not only for seeing myself truly as I am, but others as you see them. It is a solemn journey that brings great joy to my heart.

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