He Knows My Name

Available as Print or Kindle

With trepidation I have published my first book. After sharing only with friends, my dear editor, Dori Hassell, gave me rave reviews and many wonderful suggestions. Off to the presses. Voila!

Will they like what I say? Will they like me? Was I too vulnerable? Was I too preachy?

I am exposed! Being exposed is frightening! Letting strangers into your messy life opens you to judgment and condemnation. Fear could easily grip me here.

But it doesn’t. If one person reads this book and sees a companion in the walk of life, and is blessed by what I share and offer, and it causes them to take another look at their personal identity and purpose, then it was a success.

In this book you will find many facets of life we all experience. Love, forgiveness, abuse, hope, parenting, pain, hate…. and Jesus. Because if you don’t see Jesus in this story, then it was for nothing. He is the reason I sing, the reason I get up every morning, the reason I have a story to tell. None of this is about me, it is about Him. He saved me, and continues to save me every day.

Salvation didn’t just happen the day you accepted Jesus. Every day there is something new to be redeemed. Today I saw another piece that will be the beginning of my next book. Being Chosen. Yes we were chosen. and we choose every day to be chosen. it is a good thing to be chosen.

I want to hear about your story as well. I want to know if my sharing mine made you brave enough to share yours. We all have a story, whether it be messy or elegant or everything inbetween.

Onward we go, together.